A Form Builder
that tells you more
about your customers

Receive detailed analytics with every submission.
Close more sales. Provide better customer service.

Customizable contact forms that leverage your data!

Our intuitive form builder lets you customize a beautiful contact form in minutes. In no time, you'll be receiving valuable information about prospective customers who contact you through your contact form. Start leveraging your most valuable business data to make better decisions.

Individual Analytics

Find out your user's location, what pages they have visited, how they found your site and more.

A/B Test Forms

Use our intuitive interface to determine which form will convert best for your business.

Data Mining

Mine your form submissions for common keywords and sentiment. An ideal way to improve your SEO and customer service efforts

How it Works

1. Customize your Contact Form

Easily customize your own html form in minutes using our drag-and-drop form builder. Use our default fields, or create your own by using html fields for text, checkboxes, dropdowns and more.

2. Embed on your Website

Simply embed a line of code on your webpage to display the contact form and another line to track your visitors. Start receiving responses and analytics in minutes!

3. Receive Actionable Analytics

Get an email every time a customer fills out your contact form that contains their message PLUS valuable analytics that will enhance your sales and support.


Beautiful Forms

Our forms use a modern, responsive, design that is elegant and functional across a multitude of browsers and devices.

Drag-and-drop Form Builder

Customize your own form in minutes without writing a line of code. Utilize text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists and much more!

Comprehensive Analytics

Each message is accompanied with the user's location, pages visited, ip address, referral source, computer details and more!

Captcha-free Spam Detection

Stop losing customers to frustrating Captchas. Our forms use alternative means to detect and filter out Spam bots.

AJAX Form Validation

Our forms will detect incorrectly entered fields and alert the users without discarding the other fields.

Scalable and Customizable

Create multiple forms across multiple sites. Send responses to multiple recipients. Our hosted-forms will keep up with your growing business.

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Critically Acclaimed

ContactMetrics combines the classic contact form with an in-depth analytics tool, giving you a clearer, broader understanding of your customers and what you can do to help them.

Example Contact Form

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